"Guide to Using Writing Prompts"

"Grow Your Following By Connecting With Your Audience with These 365 Days of Inspiration Templates" 

Operating an online business does not work like the Field of Dreams where if you build it, theywill come. This is where many people go wrong when starting a business. They spend timeandmoney creating a beautiful website. Once finished, they think the work is done. It's not. Infact, the website is just the beginning.

To have a successful online business, you must market your website. Without marketing, people will never know you exist. By marketing, people get to know you, learn about what youhave to offer and then sign up for your mailing list or buy your products and services.

One of the oldest, best, and easiest ways to drive traffic to your blog or website is throughregularly writing fresh content for it. When you publish new blog posts, videos, audios, graphicsand other types of content, the search engines pick it up and index it for future reference.

When people use these search engines to search for information, solutions to problems theyarehaving, or topics they are interested in, your pages will populate and display so the personcanlearn more. This person clicks the link, going to your website and voila! You have traffic.

You may be thinking okay, that makes sense, but you don't have anything to write about. Perhaps you're worried about running out of topics to write about. Don't stress this! Evenseasoned writers struggle to come up with topics sometimes but it's not a problem…. if youhave swipe files of writing prompts to turn to when you're feeling uninspired.

The fact is, there is always something to write about, you just need to open your eyes andearsto the opportunities. As you go through your day, look around for inspiration. Listen to what others are saying. See what people are reading or what's being written about. Write thesethings down so you build a large swipe file of topics to write about when you're lacking ideas.

Writing prompts are a little gem of a secret that many of the most successful writers, bloggersand business owners have. Over the years, they've created a wealth of resources and countlesslists to help them when things get tough.

Writing prompts can help get your creative juices flowing even if the topic is not exactly what you're after. For example, let's say you have a writing prompt about how to budget for summer vacation, but it's wintertime and the holidays are quickly approaching. Simply create a sister topic that fits with what's going on now. Write about how to cut spending while still buyinggreat gifts. Talk about ways to start saving now for your next vacation.

Writing prompts can save you a lot of time and stress. Writing regularly will help you growyour business and customer base. In this bundle, we've included 365 writing prompts to get youstarted. Use the ideas and see what other topics come to mind as you do so. Look for waystogive the topics a twist. Think about your target audience to see how you can apply the topicstowhat they are interested in or need.

With writing prompts, the possibilities are endless.

What's Included...

Let’s Talk About the Templates Included in this Month’s Package:

Our goal every month is to make things simpler for you…to make it easier for youtoreach more people in your business and get more sales. With that in mind, let’s lookat this month’s templates pack. This bundle includes 365 days (24 pages) of writingprompts and 10 social media graphics in JPEG and PPT format. Let’s take a quicklookat each.

Monthly Writing Prompts

Here is 365 Days of Writing Prompts so you can successfully market your businessall year long!

Writing Prompts for every month of the year. Use these prompts to increaseengagement in your emails, newsletters, on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram(using the graphic templates), Pinterest (using the graphic templates)…or anywhereelse you publish content.

Writing Prompts to guide you including

  • 10 things I’ve learned since becoming an adult…
  • 5 things that keep me up at night…
  • When a new year begins I always…
  • In the last year I have…
  • On a rainy day, I love to…

10 Graphics Templates for Your Inspirational Text (.PPTXand.JPG)

In the included templates, we’ve given you 10 Graphics in .pptx and .jpg formats. Usethese templates to give you a jumpstart on your graphics creation. Update themwiththeincluded prompts and post them anywhere on social media to motivate your audience. Customize them to fit your needs.

As you can see, everything included in this month’s 365 days of writing promptstemplates pack will help you stay on track while planning your marketing to helpyougrow your business and increase your income.

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P.S. Stop working so darn hard. We've put the work in, made the mistakes you don't have to and put that experience into these proven templates to keep you on task with growing your business.