"Insiders Guide to Sponsorship Proposals"

"Earn Your Audience's Attention by Informing Inspiring, and Educating Them to Improve their Business With High Quality Sponsorship Proposal Templates!"

Use These Templates for Your Own Business, Your Clients, or Your Customers

Getting sponsors for your event (whether it be digital or in person) can be a great way to offset some of the costs that come along with hosting an event. In fact, for many events, sponsorships are what make the difference between making a profit and taking a loss. According to a study by Convene Magazine, almost 1/4 of event revenue on average comes from sponsors and donors. That’s a lot of revenue you don’t want to miss out on! With this insider’s guide and the accompanying worksheets and templates, we’ve simplified the process and explained each step you need to take to make sure your successful.

What's Included...

Insiders Guide: Sponsorship Proposal Templates

Potential Sponsor Research Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you find potential sponsors in with the right niche and audience this worksheet will keep you organized and get you started the right way.

Sponsorship Cold Email Template

Use this cold email template to help you get emailing potential sponsors

Sponsorship Implementation

Use this worksheet to help you set up an implementation plan and put it into play!

Sponsorship Packages

Here is a list of sponsorship packages to keep you organized or for quick reference.

Sponsorship Proposal Template

Use this template to help you write out your entire proposal!

Time & Cost to Create On Your Own:

How to Leverage "Insiders Guide to Sponsorship Proposals" to Grow Your Business

There are limitless ways our template packages and strategies can help you grow and connect with your audience...and help you sell more products. Let's just look at a few of the strategies that can help you save time and work more cost-effectively to get BIG results for your business.

Strategy #1: Grow Your Audience and Sell More Stuff

Imagine starting your work day with much of you work done for you. There's no need to wonder on what to focus on or how to do it...just fill in the blanks, follow the instructions and you're ready-to-go.

All our templates are backed by our decades long experience. We've tried it all and know what works and what doesn't, so there's no need to go through trial and error and wasting time on strategies that simply don't work.

Strategy #2: Outsource More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

As a busy entrepreneur, you know that it's not possible to do ALL the tasks for your business and do them effectively. It's easy enough to say you should outsource, but then you have to do the training. And when faced with that daunting task, it's often easier to just say, "I'll just do it myself."

But that would be a mistake.

There are only so many hours in a day and you can only fully develop so many skills. Instead, take our templates and give them to your contractors or staff...and let them run with them. Problem solved!

Strategy #3: Boost Your Rates and Get More Client Results (Developer Option)

Here's the perfect way to boost your value to your clients: Just get them more results.

That's easy to do when you have the proven templates that not only will help you get more results for your clients...but they'll make you more efficient and give you more time to add even more value to your client service.

And as you continue to save time, bring more results and charge more for your services as a result, you can easily scale your business by hiring help to deliver client service. After all, you've got the results-getting templates they can work from and training your team is simple.

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P.S. Stop working so darn hard. We've put the work in, made the mistakes you don't have to and put that experience into these proven templates to keep you on task with growing your business.